DC motor

What are End Effectors?

End effectors are devices attached to the ends of robotic arms or SCARA devices that grasp, lift, drill, move, screw, w...
DC motor

Bionic (Prosthetic) Hands and Micro-motors

Bionic prosthetics are no longer rare, and costs have decreased significantly. We would like to development of introduce prosthetic hands and micromotor for prosthetic hands.
DC motor

Micro Mechanism

In recent years, Minimal Invasive Surgery(MIS,) which minimizes surgery incisions and shortens a patient’s recovery per...
Energy Harvesting

Transmission Distance of IoT Devices

Many IoT devices currently on the market are fitted with wireless communication modules, such as Bluetooth modules, tha...
Analog record

The Story of Record Stylus 7: Diamond and Microridge Stylus

Nude diamond stylus is the king of the reproducing stylus - made of natural diamond A reproducing stylus is quite im...
Analog record

The Story of Record Stylus 6: 4 Channel Record and Shibata Stylus

From 2 Channel Stereophonic Record to 4channel’s By Bob DuHamel – Own work;, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link Dream of mankind ...
Analog record

The Story of Record Stylus 5: Stereophonic Record and Elliptical Stylus

Elliptical stylus picks up the stereophonic sound. Enjoy the world of Hi-Fi recording... Stereophonic Record Audi...
Analog record

The Story of Record Stylus 4: Progress of LP Record and Record Stylus

Longer listening came true without changing stylus tip With the appearance of the LP record, we can enjoy listening ...
Analog record

The Story of Record Stylus 3: Berliner’s Gramophone

We cannot help feeling a craftsmanship with a stylus in SP age. There are those a variety of wisdom filled. 10 years...
Analog record

The Story of Record Stylus 2: The First Phonograph

Though it was high-pitched and hysterical sound, they heard clear reproducing sound from the phonograph which resembles...
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